Analog Devices Ahead of What's Possible

Below are the FRC vendor libraries for the Analog Devices IMU boards. Looking for more information on how to use your ADI sensors? Visit our wiki page for resources, gyro basics, and code examples.


The ADIS16448 is a 10 Degree-of-Freedom (DoF), calibrated IMU module in a robust package designed for industrial robots, UAVs, and autonomous vehicles. It has a 3 axis gyro, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis magnetometer, and a barometric pressure sensor inside, allowing the RoboRIO to calculate precise, absolute position. This IMU is part of the iSensor product line, which is known in the industry for use in applications where reliability and precision are critical. All iSensor IMU modules include unique, factory calibration over temperature, embedded gravity compensation, and advanced user filters.

ADIS16448 GitHub Repository


The ADIS16470 is a 6-Degree-of-Freedom, calibrated IMU module. It was designed to be a lower-cost robust IMU for applications such as drone stability feedback and precise navigation for smart agriculture. This IMU is one of the newest in the Analog Devices iSensor product line, known in the industry as best-in-class when reliability and precision are critical. All iSensor IMU modules are individually calibrated over temperature in the factory and include embedded gravity compensation and advanced user filters.

ADIS16470 GitHub Repository